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If you would like to request an appointment with the Newcomer Legal Clinic, please complete our Online Intake Form below.  Please note that our case load is currently full. If you submit this form, we will add you to our waitlist. We can also help you find authorized representatives who may be able to help sooner.

When you complete this Online Intake Form, it does not mean that the Newcomer Legal Clinic is agreeing to give you advice or represent you. A student caseworker will review your answers and contact you to discuss your eligibility. You become a client only when the Clinic gives you a letter confirming that you are a client.

We do our best to keep the information in this form private, but please do not provide confidential information. By completing this form, you acknowledge that there is some risk to the security of information stored and submitted online. If you would rather give us your information by phone, please call 807-346-7800.

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Important Information

COVID-19 and Meetings: 

We are available for online, phone, or in-person appointments. In-person appointments will follow COVID-19 safety precautions. When you contact us to request a meeting, we will talk about what form of meeting will work best. 


We work from Suite 3005A of the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law building between Red River Road and Waverly Street in Thunder Bay. 

If you have scheduled an in-person meeting, you can find our Clinic by using any entrance to the Faculty of Law. Take the stairs on either the North or the South Side of the building. There is also an elevator to the third floor on the South side. If you use the elevator or the South-side stairs, you will have to walk through the auditorium to find our office. Please tell us if you will be driving and we can tell you about parking options in the neighbourhood.

If you are located elsewhere in Northwestern Ontario, we can make a plan to meet by phone or video. 

Languages and Interpretation:

We will ask during our intake process whether you need an interpreter during our meeting. If you do, we will help to arrange for one. Languages spoken by this year’s Clinic students and staff include Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Sindhi, Farsi, and French.


You can get to our office by elevator. We are also happy to arrange meetings online when we can if that makes attending easier. If you face any barriers accessing our office or making an appointment with us, please tell us and we will work with you to make a plan.

Important Information: 

Requesting an appointment does not make you a client of our Clinic. Please do not send confidential information or documents when you first contact us. We cannot review your documents and we cannot give you legal advice until we have accepted you as a client. You will become a client when the Clinic sends a letter confirming you are a client.

If you request an appointment on our website, by email, or by phone, any information you give us is for information only. You will only be a client of the firm when we have agreed to act for you. The content of this website is provided for information only and it is not legal advice. You should not take any action on your legal matter until you have sought legal advice from a lawyer retained to act on your behalf. 

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